Version 9.0 E Private Beta (Download Below)

Version 9.0 is in Private Beta is only available to Subscribers. 

Version 9.0 includes additional features such as the Retirement Saving Histogram and includes an option for wage growth above inflation.  It also includes a warning before running with an estimate time as well as much improved VBA code.

We also made some significant updates to version 9.0 of the simulation tool including speed improvement of 60% over Version 8.0.  

We fixed the bug as in Version 8 where the investment performance was fixed to 9.5% (with a standard deviation of 8.9%).  Changing the investment mix on the input page did not change the actual performance simulated.

Version 9D
Version 9D Options Page
Warning Message Before Running Simulation
Running Status Update

Sequence Risk Now Included in Version 9E

A major update to revision 9E is the option to consider sequence risk in the first ten years of retirement.  It is based on the analysis we did in our latest blog post on sequence risk.

Sequence Risk Option added to Version 9E!

Sequence Risk – Will It Effect Your Retirement Plans?

Revisions for Version 9.0E

We would appreciate any feedback or comments on this version so we can improve on this.


  • NEW 9E:  Added Sequence Risk Option
  • Added wage growth in options
  • Adjust annual savings for inflation and wage growth
  • Adjust income need for wage growth (already had inflation), assume wage increase allow some income inflations based on savings rate
  • Added probability of success initial savings would meet 4% SWR
  • Added Initial Warning for simulation run time
  • Added simulation progress status


  • Changed sheet over to Reference Names and updated VBA
  • Improved simulation data sheet with general cleanup
  • Improved speed of simulation macro

Bug Fixes:

  • Added countif to count number of lives that match EOL for more accurate probability. Old method overestimate success by a small amount. Adjusted for number of runs vs. fixed to 1000
  • NEW 9E: Pre Retirement investment growth was fixed at 9.5% (8.9 SD) corrected to update based on table
  • NEW 9E: Post retirement return was same values as Pre-Retire, also fixed at 9.5% (8.9 SD) corrected to update based on table lookup

Major Update to Version 10 Coming Soon!

We are also working on a major upgrade to Version 10 which has a revamped simulation engine to allow easier expansion, Social Security option, and speed improvements of another 25%.

This will only be available to subscribers so sign up today.

Download Version 9.0E

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