Financial Independence

Financial Independence is More Than Retiring Early!

Financial Independence isn’t always about Retiring Early,  after several years of planning for an Early Retirement, life threw us a

Financial Independence

How Do You Choose a Location to Retire Early?

We have been trying to figure out where to retire.  This seems like a simple question at first and for

Financial Independence

Sequence Risk – Will It Effect Your Retirement Plans?

In our journey for Financial Independence and the goal to Retire Early (FIRE) one area of concern we have is


Living Our Lives: Scavenger Hunt, Bird Scooters, and Cocktails

We are always looking for new adventures.  Usually this involves a long road trip or plane ride.  What we often


Living Our Lives: Our Very First Camping Adventure

This is a little departure from all the planning aspects we have been discussing.  As part of our journey to


Top Five Factors in Our Success Towards Financial Independence (FI/RE)

Here is a short list of the top five factors we feel has contributed to our financial and life balance


The Number, Our Quest for the Right Financial Independence / Retire Early (FI/RE) Savings Goal

The “Number” is a big question! How much do you need in savings and retirement accounts to cover your expenses