Balancing the Pursuit of Financial Independence with Enjoying our Lives Today

Feeding our Fire is our story of the balance we attempt every day to feed our passion for Financial Independence (FI) along with living our lives, making time for our hobbies, and enjoying adventures today.  We hope you find our stories and adventures enjoyable and maybe they will help you also find the right balance for your life.

“Balance is the Key to Life”

Mr. and Mrs. Feeding our Fire

Mrs. Feeding our Fire (FoF) and I (Mr. FoF) have been on the FI path for several years and more recently have become very focused on Retire Early (RE) concept. We came to FI/RE a little later in life so we are no longer in our 20’s or 30’s as many fellow FI/RE seekers. We have both been fortunate to have good paying careers. We have always saved but we also enjoyed spending money sometimes a little to frivolously.

Feeding our Fire has original content of our FI/RE journey with a balance of content on our hobbies and adventures we enjoy today, such as our recent attempt at camping, not 100% successful attempt!  We will share tools and process that helped us manage our finances.  We also have curated some interesting blog post and stories across the internet that relate to our journey and interests.

In this blog, we are using the pseudonym’s of Mr. and Mrs. Feeding Our Fire (FoF).  We are doing this for two reasons.  First we are both still working and though highly unlikely anyone at work would find our blog we don’t want to cause any issues.  Second when possible we plan to share our real financial data.  We may normalize some data but we plan to share as much of our real numbers as possible, so you can see real world examples.

We are still on our path toward FI/RE, though getting closer everyday and hope you enjoy following our adventures.

… We hope you enjoy our journey, Mr. and Mrs. FoF