Retirement Simulator Update: Version 10

Version 10.0 is now public!

#Retirement Planning and Simulation Tools

This is a major update to the tool used in our latest blog posts.  It includes numerous improvements and speed updates.  The entire simulation engine has been redesigned to improve speed and add new features.

Key Enhancements include:

  1.   Improved Graphics
  2.  Wage Growth Calculation
  3.   Uses real investment returns and allows custom allocation of pre and post retirement investments
  4.   Sequence Risk Calculation (with dividends)
  5.   Over 3x speed improvement
  6.   Social Security calculations
  7.   Return to mean option (experimental, not fully verified)
Version 10 – Improved Output and Graphs

Revisions List

We would appreciate any feedback or comments on this version so we can improve on this.


  1.   Three times Improvement in simulation speed due to reduced calculations with new format.

Note:  Make sure only the Retirement Simulator worksheet is open in Excel.  Other open worksheets will slow down the simulation

New Features

  1. Significant Monte Carlo model improvement for ease of use, speed, and improved architecture for new features.
  2. Cleaned up single year modelling.
  3. Separate simulation model from simulation output to allow easier feature additions.
  4.   Social Security Option for both Spouses, with survivor benefits with lookup table (fixed Spousal calculations based on age 67 benefits).
  5.   % Stock, Bond, Cash lookup for Retirement Portfolio with selection of number of years of historic data for calculation mean and standard deviation of portfolio returns.
  6.   Option for % investment fees deducted from investment returns each year, default 0.25%.
  7.   Reset to default for options page.
  8.   Return to Mean Functionality for all investment returns.  Min/Max RTM banding.  RTM feature is still in development use with caution.
  9.   Updated Sequence Risk returns with Dividend Yields

Bug Fixes and Corrections

  1.   General formatting and color scheme revisions
  2.   Fixed investment growth in retirement year (double counted in pre and post retire value), fixed income growth for 1st investment year was not calculating (net washes out but more accurate)


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