Living Our Lives: Scavenger Hunt, Bird Scooters, and Cocktails

We are always looking for new adventures.  Usually this involves a long road trip or plane ride.  What we often overlook are all the things to do in our local area, so this weekend we made a point to try some fun activities near home.

We are a only short drive from Columbus, Ohio but outside of an event or work activity we never really head into the city.   This past Christmas we received a gift card to try a Scavenger Hunt.  It utilizes your phone to send you to different locations and look up interesting facts about the area.  You get points for answering questions on what you find.  We had never used it so decided it would be a great activity for our local fun weekend.  If you haven’t tried the Scavenger Hunt, we have a link  at the end of this post.  When I checked it was only $11 for two people and can have much larger groups.

The Scavenger Hunt

Mrs. FoF logged into the website / app and we got our directions to head down to Bicentennial park where the hunt would begin.  Parking in downtown Columbus is pretty easy on the weekend, and we found a lot next to the park with all day parking for $7.  (For potential Columbus visitors, on Sundays, the metered street parking is free!).  It was a beautiful day and the park is very scenic by the Scioto river.

Beautiful Day for Our Local Adventure

We had a small rough start as we then followed the Google Maps direction to the official start point – only to find that we needed to then head right back to Bicentennial Park.  We got to the starting position for the hunt, answered the question and scored our first 100 points!  Go team FoF!

Bird Scooters

As we were walking to the next location near the court house we ran across a couple of Bird scooters.  We had been talking about trying these out and figured this would be the perfect way to venture around the city.   

Bird Scooters

Turns out Columbus has a scooter “war” going on and both Lime and Bird offer scooters for rent.  We came across the Bird scooters first, but found lots of the Lime scooters throughout the day.  Based on purely a visual inspection I liked the Bird scooters a little better, they seemed more rugged and had bigger tires.  The were also a few times where we crossed paths with Lime riders, and they were a lot louder – the Bird Scooters had a nice quiet hum. 

Scooters Were Everywhere!  A Bunch of Lime Scooters.

The Bird scooters were really fun to ride and really added to the enjoyment of our adventure.  The cost was an initial $1.00 then $0.15/min so the first hour is $10.00 then $9.00/hr after.  We had so much fun on these, it was completely worth it for us.  A lot of people use these for short hops across the city, instead of joyriding like us, which would be even more economical.  

The Hunt

We cruised along to the next stop and continued on the Scavenger Hunt.  I won’t show all the stops to not spoil the fun for others.  The hunt showed us a bit of history and we went to some areas we had never been before, like the Columbus Commons.  We stumbled upon a wine tasting event we went back later in the day to try.

Overall we had a great time playing the scavenger hunt, riding the scooters, and playing Pokemon, did I forget to mention we still play!

The hunt took about an hour and a half, we made great time on the scooters but we also stopped and caught a few Pokemon raids along the way too!

The Goat

As we were riding around town we found a few places that looked fun to try for lunch and settled on The Goat.  It looked cool from the outside and had a good cocktail list (important criteria).

They also had a “Tot” menu which added some points for Mrs. FoF.  We ordered our cocktails, a Manhattan and a Blueberry Mule and checked out the food options.  They had a really good burger, salad, sandwich and pizza selection.   We decided to split The Bacon Jam and Brie Burger (as awesome as it sounds), and also did a small upgrade for a side of their Braised Pork Tots – Crispy tots, beer cheese, and  braised pork.

Lunch was very good and we would definitely  recommend The Goat.  Mrs. FoF, I think, would have preferred plain crispy tots but the beer cheese and braised pork were pretty tasty!  The cocktails and service were great too.


We had so much fun on Saturday with the scooters, that we decided to head back down to the city and rent some more time on the scooters.  We also wanted to achieve one of our Pokemon special field research challenges (yes, we are geeks).

The Bird app helped us find scooters that were available to rent along the river.  We toured along, hitting several raids and Poke stops and catching some more sites.

After almost two hours of playing we took a break for brunch at one of the downtown breweries

Wolf’s Ridge Brewery Brunch

Mrs. FoF is a planner (may have mentioned this before) and she had us setup for a noon reservation at Wolf’s Ridge Brewery.  It was our first time here and was very impressed with the food and atmosphere.

I ordered a Poutine breakfast special with garlic fries and chorizo gravy which was amazing and paired well with their Kolsch.    Mrs. Fof ordered the Toad in The Hole which were eggs cooked inside brioche and was equally as tasty along with a Peach Cider.  Highly recommend Wolf’s Ridge if you make it to Columbus.

After lunch we played a little more Pokemon but the heat was picking up quickly so we decided to call it an afternoon and head back home.  Overall another great day.

It was a fantastic weekend, and reasonably budget friendly as well.

The Budget

Since our Blog is about our Financial Independence journey we do need to include some comments on the costs.  We log everything in YNAB so it was easy to see our expenses for the two days.  We were able to fit the little adventure weekend within our normal budget categories for the month.

YNAB Entries

The biggest expense for the weekend was dining out, where we spent $113.91 for three meals.  That was for Saturday breakfast near home, the Goat Lunch, and Brunch on Sunday. Mrs. FoF likes to remind me that our alcohol tab is usually as much as our food.  

The Bird Rentals on Saturday and Sunday came to $70.50.  This worked out to over 3 hours of rentals between the two days and this was a lot of fun.  We even priced the scooters on Amazon.  The model Bird uses was not available, but you could buy a similar scooter for $400.00.  We would not get much day to day use so for now we will stay renters.  As we travel, we would rent these in any city we visit in the future.

If we had purchased the scavenger hunt that would have added another $11.00, plus $7.00 parking on Saturday.  So our tab for the weekend was just under $100.00 per day including our meals.

A Great Weekend!

Of course we could have walked the whole time but it would not have been nearly as much fun.  We also probably would not have seen half of what we saw.  There were also bike rentals available, which we did in our recent Chicago trip but I have to say the scooters are much more fun.  Having some local fun was our goal for this weekend and overall it was a great success.

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